Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bloody snow angles


It snowed today. I mean, it really snowed. I had to literally dig my car out of the snow to get to my first and only class today (puppetry) that ended up being canceled. Now I am sitting in the CAC in the art galleries at work and watching the Red Cross set up a blood drive in the lobby. The Red Cross has called me three times in the last three days; luckily I saved their number so I have yet to talk to them. Its not that I don’t want to give blood, I just don’t have any time these days (like now, I’m working right?) and I am running out of excuses. Vampires.

I am spending my last semester of college swimming through snow, dodging the Red Cross, making puppets, pretending I can read music in two music classes and writing about a depressed little boy.

Another thing is watching movies. I somehow convinced my room mate Nicole to go see The Reader and Revolutionary Road (she actually wanted to see that one) this weekend which = awesome weekend. Both were fantastic, I cannot believe Revolutionary Road was not nominated for an Oscar. Kate and Leo as you have never seen them before. The Reader was fantastic as well, almost exactly like the book which is always a plus. The boy playing young Michael Berg, David Kross was just adorable. I am a fan.


Oh such beautiful people.

I almost saw an old woman die last night. I was in this very building as usual, downstairs in the music department about to go into room 200B for my Chorus class (one of the places I pretend to read music). I just walked down the stairs that go into the classroom, a big yellow room with tall ceilings and cloth covered blocks on the walls to make everything sound just right, when I heard a scream. I turned around in the door way and I see this old women in mid air, falling. By time I got inside the stair way she was crumpled on the floor at the bottom of the two flights of stairs she fell down, groaning a little and not moving. There was a guy already at her side asking the obvious question with an obvious answer “Oh my god, are you all right?” Of course she is not alright, she is like 100 and she just fell down the stairs!
I yelled inside the classroom for some help, but yells from me sound like whispers so I had to actually go tap someone on the shoulder. The equipment manager of the marching band was the first person I saw, and luckily the perfect person. I managed to get out what happened and he was on the scene, helping her up slowly and putting her into a chair I found for her. There was blood on the floor. She was bleeding through leg of her jeans. For some reason she was smiling.

The rest of class went by with out any problems. I love singing, even if I can’t well. Those old women can sing circles around me, but I don’t mind.

Back to grad school applications. Blogs happen on snow days.

“Because the radio will still play loud,
Songs that we heard as our guards came down.”



foobella said...

I swear, I had to read that at least three times before I realized you said you "almost" saw an old woman die. whew. Poor little lady.

major7th said...

hahaha, I should have put almost in caps or something I guess.