Monday, January 26, 2009

The Birthday Song

Nicole and I wrote a song for our friend Hayley for her Birthday yesterday. Here it is in all its glory.


The Birthday Song
Maria & Nicole

Happy Birthday Hayley,
I’m taking a poetry class.
My poems are pretty scaly,
some may put them in the trash.

Happy Birthday Hayley,
poetry is not my cup of tea.
I struggle with it daily,
everyone would agree.

Happy Birthday Hayley,
you are 21 today!
Go out and get trashed gaily,
whatever adventures may come your way!

Happy Birthday Hayley,
here’s to your 21st year!
This poem would sound good with a ukulele,
play it loud for all to hear!

Happy Birthday Hayley,
your name is hard to rhyme.
So give me a break Hayley,
because nothing rhymes with rhyme.

Rhymes may not be the tea for me,
but they can be for you.
Here is a birthday gift from me,
tea for you for two!

(Nicole would just like for it to be known that her original poem was much shorter and cuter, but then Maria took control. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Hayley!)
Now we can all see why I do not write poetry. The "I" in this poem is really Nicole, because she is the one in a poetry class and not me. her original poem was like 5 lines, but then I got carried away on and it turned into this. It happens.
So anyway, I think I want to start up this blog again. It seems like the cool thing to do these days, not that I have always enjoyed what everyone else things is cool. However this time I think I would have to agree with the general public and say that Blogs seem sort of neat. That, and if I ever get published, my publishing company may or may not ask for my Blog address. Just in case, I will be ready.
I better get to class, more later.
"Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe"


foobella said...

Is this supposed to be sung to a certain tune or are we supposed to pick our own? ;P

Glad you are starting your blog again. Aside from being cool, it's really quite cathartic.

major7th said...

you are supposed to pick your favorite tune and sing it to that :)