Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a familiar place

Colors surround me as I lie in cushiony comfort. Bullion boards take up two of the four walls, posters the others. The boards are covered with pictures, many black and white, less colored. I have a flair for the classics. Posters include a Harry potter movie poster, a Star Wars empire Strikes Back poster, and my personal favorite, my Sean Connery Read poster. My book shelf to my right is over flowing with books I hope one day to have time to read. Dirty cloths litter the floor; I need to get on that. I love this place, because its mine and I have never had that before. All the things in it are mine, the mess on the floor is mine, and the posters are mine. Everything is controllable from where I lay, remote control for the TV, the stereo and the fan. I never have to move. A thin layer of dust covers the tops of books untouched in a while and picture frames. The window is covered by a red curtain, really a piece of fabric, my aunt got me in Africa years ago. as the light tries to get inside, it passes thought the Curtin, casting everything in a slightly reddish hue. It’s very relaxing. There is no smell because everything is covered in my own smell, one I can not identify but others surly can. The only light in the room, besides the constant glow from the window, comes from my lamp. it is one of those lamps with many bulbs that you can turn any which way, generic college kid lamp, everyone has one. The melodies of Bobby Darin float from my stereo, filling the air with his wonderful voice. I could lay here forever.

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