Thursday, October 25, 2007

Meet my friend Truly

My name is Truly Gattuso and I am a 20 year old college student majoring in Geography with a minor in Medieval Literature. I realize this is a strange thing to major in, and I am fully aware that I will be livening in a box on the side of the road some day surrounded by old books and maps. However theses are two of the things I love, so this is alright by me.

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, which is where I grew up. I have a twin brother named Milo, and he is my best friend. My mother is English teacher, which would in a way explain our names. She has a thing for beautiful words, and she believes that truth and honesty are the best virtues a person can have, thus my name is Truly. I guess she was hoping that by naming me this, I would be truthful automatically, and I guess it worked. I am not a very good liar. One of her favorite books is Catch 22, which is where she got Milo's name. Milo Minderbender is not the greatest of characters in the book, so I am not so sure what her reasoning was there besides liking the name. I have never asked.

Alaska is a nice enough place to grow up in; we had fun playing in the snow all the time. I had a normal enough childhood, average grades, lots of friends, a good life except for one thing. My parents got divorced when we were 14, and it really messed up things. Dad was never really around when we were little anyway; he is kind of a dick. I always longed for a dad that did things with us, our dad was always at work, staying late hours or working on projects. I always thought it was alright since he was providing for us, until we caught him in our own living room with another woman.

My mom was devastated; Milo and I were just confused. They fought a lot after it first happened in front of us. It was probably not handled in the best of ways, but I can’t blame my mom. He was the love of her life and he broke her heart. I think this is about the time I started to get into maps. I would just look at a map of Alaska in my handy atlas and look for new places I could escape to. We moved to Virginia which was my mom’s idea of the opposite end of the country than Dad. We are happy in Virginia, and really I don’t even think about Dad ever.

High school was where I really came into my own. My tom boy facade melted away and I became a girl again. Unfortunately, along with becoming a girl, I also became a little overweight. That is when I started to tap dance. I know, that sounds weird, but I was really unhappy with the way I looked, and I needed a fun way to exercise. I got really good, and lost a lot of weight. By senior year, I was much happier with myself, and I had a fun new hobby.

I looked on t Milo and I always stuck together. Milo is really shy, but I am really outgrowing, so together, we had plenty of friends. I had a few boyfriends in high school, but nothing spectacular, just short term experiments. I had lots of friends in high school like I said, but I was never one of the popular girls. It was like I was the leader of the rejects, but that suited me just fine. One of m favorite things to do is people watch, and my circle of friends was the most interesting bunch of people in the entire school.

Now I am in college and it’s great. I go to West Virginia University and it’s the perfect place for me. I am not that big into drinking, but I love people and hanging out and going to parties. Milo goes here too, I don’t know if he likes it as much as me. I mean, he has the same friends as me, but like I said before, he is super shy. He has his own English major friends though, and that seems to work out for him.

I had an amazing summer this year. I spent it in Rome, at least a month of it, and I made the coolest new friends. I am actually writing a story about it, hopefully it will be up on my blog soon. I have a bunch of interest besides people watching, writing is one of them. I also love playing music. I play the piano and the harp; I am not he best in the world, but its fun. I am in the Orchestra at school, and I love it. If you want to see my other interests, check out my Facebook page here. Also, I have a Myspace here. I like meeting all sorts of people, so find me and be my friend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


July was in full force, hot and sticky. The air was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. The sun was starting to go down a little, reliving the girls from the hot sun they had all day been exposed to. They reunited that day, all together again in their hometown they love so much; Lovettsville, the town the begins with love. Molly had been there all summer, bating traps and setting up motion activated cameras to capture wildlife. Beth was also working, but back at her school, then in New York; art was what kept her away. Kelsey was also in a city, playing the part of the lowly intern, getting coffee, doing mindless work for people she did not entirely like. The last, Ria, had also been away, but not in one place. She had been all over the place that summer, her favorite and most exciting destination being Rome where she had gone with her grandparents and brother. They all had stories to tell of their summers and the conversation never lulled. Together again, even if it was only for that night, was the best ending to the summer any of them could imagine.
Beth, the artist, brought up what day it was. The third of July was one of their favorite days in their little town. That morning they had gone to the Independence Day parade and now had pockets full of old candy as if they were in elementary school again. However, when the sun went down was when the real fun began.

Beth led the way, they all knew where they were going but she was the best guide. They walked through town passing various landmarks along the way. They went by the Elementary school where they had all meet, then the Sears Mansion they were still convinced was haunted. The sun was going down, and Beth was starting to get restless. She kept saying “come on, walk faster, we are going to miss it!” and would speed up out of no where. They did not know exactly why she wanted to go to the exact spot they were going to, and she would not explain. Molly was riding circles around them on her bike, her new passion. She would go further up the street, then circle back and go slow, leaving but always coming back. Kelsey was telling a story about her internship and the time her boss made her go move his car and then get them all coffee. Ria laughs, but is really wondering what Beth has up her sleeves.

They get to the community center and Beth starts to run, the other three struggling to catch up. She goes to the tree line behind the tennis courts and the baseball diamond and starts blindly pushing her way through. At this point it is almost totally dark, and already dark to not be able to see what they are stepping in or through. The girls helped each other move branches and to see dangerous stops to steep, lit only by the faint glow of cell phones. There girls are from the country, so they are not afraid to get a little scratched up. With one last step over the old rusty barbed wire fence, they were in the field, and Beth started to run again.

Molly had to abandon her bike behind one of the dugouts, with a promise to return for it. Kelsey takes one step in the dark field and steps in a hole, putting her far behind the other three running girls. Beth is in the lead, then Molly close behind, then Ria. Ria, after a while, can only see the faint glow of Beth’s cell phone far ahead of her. She can hear Beth and Molly laughing and saying “further further!” up ahead, and Kelsey behind her calling for them to wait up. The grass in the field had yet to be hayed, so it came all the way up to their waists in some places. Funning through tall grass is exhKelseyg, and after a few moments of running, all the girls were drenched in sweat. It started to drizzle on them. The clouds that earlier in the day had been most welcoming were now very annoying. The cool rain mixed with the muggy air actually cooled them off after a while, so they could not complain. Mother Nature was looking out for them.

Finally they get to the top. It is better up here, they are surrounded by hay bails and the grass is significantly shorter. They stand up their, on the top of a hill, and look toward their town. Beth looks very proud of herself. The other three had forgotten what day it was until the first explosion. Right in front of them, a huge ball of red and orange exploded in the sky, followed by a band that echoed all around them. Fireworks, on the third of July, this is how it’s done in Lovettsville. They have the best seats in the house. They are far enough away that they can see them from the best angle, and close enough to still be able to hear the soft cheers from the crowed back at the community center after each burst.

That’s when the others started. As if cued off by the Lovettsville fireworks, other all around them started to go off. Behind them, across the far away river they could see the fireworks from Brunswick, the closest town in the next state. To their left and right were others from random peoples back yards, little in comparison, but still quite impressive. Two more towns on their left and right started setting theirs off as well, they were surrounded. They had three hundred and sixty degrees of fireworks to enjoy; everywhere they looked was something new.

It was amazing, the girls forgot how dirty they were, forgot about the rain and the cuts on their legs from the tall grass. They forgot that this was their last night together, that soon they would all be off to school and not see each other for months, for some longer. They forgot about all responsibility and worry, totally engrossed in the present and the fiery balls exploding all around them. For a better viewing position, they climbed a few hay bails; Molly and Beth on one and Ria and Kelsey on the other. They stayed until the very last firework erupted, till the only sounds they could hear were the crickets and their own breathing. It was a perfect, Lovettsville night.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

list of things...

1. Marching Band
2. 360 Fireworks
3. Star Wars at Midnight
4. Beyond the Sea
5. Everyone goes to Africa but me
6. Photos of friends i love
7. Classics
8. Long time dead movie stars
9. RED
10. My brother's absence
11. Movies are one of lives ultimate escapes
12. "I cannot live without books" ~Thomas Jefferson
13. all mine, knock before entering
14. black and white is always better

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a familiar place

Colors surround me as I lie in cushiony comfort. Bullion boards take up two of the four walls, posters the others. The boards are covered with pictures, many black and white, less colored. I have a flair for the classics. Posters include a Harry potter movie poster, a Star Wars empire Strikes Back poster, and my personal favorite, my Sean Connery Read poster. My book shelf to my right is over flowing with books I hope one day to have time to read. Dirty cloths litter the floor; I need to get on that. I love this place, because its mine and I have never had that before. All the things in it are mine, the mess on the floor is mine, and the posters are mine. Everything is controllable from where I lay, remote control for the TV, the stereo and the fan. I never have to move. A thin layer of dust covers the tops of books untouched in a while and picture frames. The window is covered by a red curtain, really a piece of fabric, my aunt got me in Africa years ago. as the light tries to get inside, it passes thought the Curtin, casting everything in a slightly reddish hue. It’s very relaxing. There is no smell because everything is covered in my own smell, one I can not identify but others surly can. The only light in the room, besides the constant glow from the window, comes from my lamp. it is one of those lamps with many bulbs that you can turn any which way, generic college kid lamp, everyone has one. The melodies of Bobby Darin float from my stereo, filling the air with his wonderful voice. I could lay here forever.